Airlift 1000 Air Springs


Adjustable Load Support for Coil Sprung Vehicles Air adjustable Air Lift 1000™ air springs are engineered for coil spring suspensions, front or rear.



Air Springs For Everyone. Our most versatile air springs fitting coil sprung vehicles, such as SUVs, CUVs, vans, cars, pickup trucks and RVs. Air Lift 1000™ air springs (air bags) fit the widest array of vehicles.

Rear Kit Applications 60000 series Air Lift 1000 air springs support rear coil springs on many popular pickup trucks, SUVs, CUVs, vans and cars. Air Lift Drag Bag air springs help to even the loads on two wheels to achieve maximum traction. Front Kit Applications 80000 series Air Lift 1000 air springs replace OEM front air springs on P-30 motorhomes and provide front end support for snowplows, winches and other equipment that attached to the front end of work vehicles.

Custom Tune Your Ride Providing up to 1,000 lbs. of load-leveling capacity, Air Lift’s air bag suspension kits provide greater safety and comfort when you’re carrying a heavy load.

It Fits. Each kit includes everything you need, easily installed in 2 hours or less. Just insert the air bags into your coil springs. Air Lift 1000 air bags are made from tough molded polyurethane and are easy to install using common tools.

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