ARE LT Series


LT Series sleek, contemporary styling, tight, secure fit and superior color-matched paint will dramatically enhance the look of your truck and can be installed or removed in minutes. The LT Series will add beauty to your truck, provide a water-resistant and secure storage area for your cargo and increase your vehicle’s gas mileage by reducing wind drag.


LT Series Tonneau Cover Features & Options
Aluminum Base Rail System
Aluminum base rail system ensures quick and accurate installation every time without drilling, screws or adhesives.
Exclusive Lift Assist System
Exclusive lift assist system provides easy opening and closing by absorbing the stress exerted by the gas struts within the system.
Attractive Palm Handle
Attractive palm handle design houses the keylock, offering protection from scratches and chips.
Heavy-Duty Hinges
Heavy-duty hinges allow for smooth, durable lifting.
Optional Dark Gray Carpet Interior

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