Loading Zone Cargo Gate



LOADING ZONE Cargo Gate* is made from heavy-duty plastic, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel components.

It adjusts and installs quick and easy. It’s the easiest way to keep your load secure.




  1. How  is the Loading Zone™ Original Cargo Gate* different from load bars?   The Loading Zone Original Cargo Gate* is versatile in that it divides from the bottom cargo area to the top of the rails with no assembly or mounting hardware required. Simply lift, lock and load for a perfect cargo divider. (back to top)
  2. What is the Original Cargo Gate* made from? The cross members are constructed of 1 x 1 anodized aluminum, while the majority of the assembly is made from heavy-duty nylon plastic. The locating pins, clips and locking mechanism are of stainless steel construction, and the landing pads and feet are rubber. (back to top)
  3. How  much does the Original Cargo Gate* weigh? The four (4) available models weigh between 6.5 pounds and 8.5 pounds. The smallest unit, the LZCG 1101 for compact pickup trucks, weighs 6.5 pounds. The LZCG 1301 and 1302 for midsize pickup trucks weigh approximately 7 pounds, and the LZCG 1501 for full-size pickup trucks weighs 8.5 pounds.
  4. How do you install the Original Cargo Gate*, and what tools will I need? No tools are needed for installation . . . and it only takes a few minutes. You simply lift the locking handle, adjust the landing posts to the nominal width of the truck bed via the locating pins, and push the Original Cargo Gate* against the bed floor so the rubber feet grip. Then, depress the locking handle down until it clicks. You’re done.
  5. How does the Original Cargo Gate* work? The design of the compression cam in the handle  is key. Once you adjust the landing post and press down the handle, the cam action forces the landing posts out – applying up to 300 pounds PSI against the inside edge of the  bedrails. This is much stronger than the inner walls of the fender walls and provides a tremendous amount of resistance.
  6. How much will the Original Cargo Gate* hold? The Original Cargo Gate* will hold up to a 65-pound static load. It was designed to hold items against the firewall or tailgate in a snug  position. This way you can be sure that your cargo is safely secured at all times and arrives intact.
  7. How do I keep my Original Cargo Gate* from being stolen? Loading Zone has a Locking Lanyard available, which is not only a safety feature but also works as a theft deterrent. It is made from coated aircraft cable with two loops at the end. Just feed it through the Original Cargo Gate* and noose it tight while locking the other loop to the cargo cleat inside the cargo area. The Original Cargo Gate* is still movable.
  8. Does the Original Cargo Gate* work with bed liners? The Original Cargo Gate* works with or without parallel ribbed bed liners. The rubber feet are adjustable so that they can be moved to fit between the ribs of the liner or between the ribs of the truck bed itself.
  9. Does the Original Cargo Gate* work with bed rugs? Yes! The Original Cargo Gate* works with bed rugs. In fact, bed rugs  actually enhance the performance of the Original Cargo Gate*.
  10. Does the Original Cargo Gate* work with tonneau covers and caps or camper shells?   The Original Cargo Gate* will work on almost all top mounted systems. As long as the Original Cargo Gate* has the ability to make contact with the side rails, without interference with the cover.
  11. Does the Original Cargo Gate* fit all trucks and vans? Loading Zone currently has four (4) Original Cargo Gate* models that fit the majority of the trucks, vans and SUVs that are sold today (except step sides and flare sides). All have been designed to work as a cargo management system.
  12. Can the Original Cargo Gate* be used in the F-150 SuperCrew? There have been numerous purchases for the LZCG 1501 model, which fits the Ford F-150 SuperCrew from the wheel wells forward.

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