Military TruckVault


TruckVault has a solution for every secure in-vehicle storage need whether it be for a Pick-up, SUV, Sedan, Van or any other vehicle on the road today. TruckVault products  will enhance both your security and organizational needs. They have designed numerous models both for covered and uncovered pick-ups that fit and conform to your bed dimensions and are available in both standard and magnum height versions. Carpeted units are designed for pick-ups with toppers and feature heavy duty locks, full length drawers and a divider package that helps you organize your stored items efficiently. A top load capacity of 1,000 lbs. will ensure you will arrive safely with your cargo.


Military TruckVault
TruckVault products are well suited to meet tough and exacting Military standards. TruckVault’s history of building high quality, reliable, and rugged secure in-vehicle storage solutions, which perform flawlessly under harsh environmental conditions, make us a smart choice for securing whatever valuable or sensitive equipment you have.
Hot or cold temperatures, mud, grit, dust, water are of no concern when out on tactical field operations if your sensitive equipment and or firearms are secured in a TruckVault.

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