Undercover Classic


This light weight cover (about 59 pounds) and having a load bearing capacity of 1700 lbs is to be recognized. Boasts dual locks and is extremely easy to take on and off, in seconds.


The Undercover Tonneau Cover has a unique design and uses the industry’s most advanced GELOYTM plastic compounds in collaboration with GE Plastics, that gives a Undercover Tonneau Cover unbelievable strength, durability, and security at the same weight and cost of fiberglass. Undercover Tonneau Covers are very economical, durable, strong, lockable that keep things secured, and removable. Undercover Truck Bed Covers are so easy to install, (No Drilling/One Tool Installation), easy to remove, and built to last.

Product Features:

  • ABS composite material
  • Interior LED Light
  • Comes with all bracketry to hang on your garage wall when not in use
  • Twist Lock
  • Pull Strap
  • Quick Release Struts

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