WeatherGuard Model 165-3-01 Lo-Side Box – Steel – White


Dimensions: H: 13″ W: 13 5/8″ L: 87 3/4″

Weight (lbs.): 108

Cubic feet: 6.4

  • ONE-TOUCH latch mechanism and trademarked RED PUSHBUTTON features a powder coated aluminum, automotive style latching system.
  • Low profile box that mounts on the side rail of your pick up truck.  Can be used separately or in combination with Cross or Saddle Boxes.
  • J-hook mounting requires no drilling of holes in the rails


WEATHER GUARD® Lo-Side and Super-Lo Side Boxes are the preferred solution to efficient storage for contracting professionals and service vehicles. Our Lo-Side Truck Boxes provide easy access to hand-held saws, power drills, tool belts, hammers and other tools while keeping the bed of your truck clear for larger items.  Lo-Side Boxes can be used separately or in combination with Cross Boxes or Saddle Boxes and come in different sizes and styles to match your truck and your trade.  All WEATHER GUARD Truck Boxes mount for a low profile over the side rails of your pickup and are made of heavy-gauge steel or aluminum and built to last:

  • EXTREME PROTECTION® Lock – protects against break-ins and has tamper-resistant retracting lock
  • 90° cover opening for easy access
  • Crimp-free/drill-free install mounting brackets
  • Body channel for extra strength
  • Full weather seal
  • Automotive style latch with smooth “one touch” opening
  • Latch linkage protection

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